Did you know?

  • Mental illness indirectly affects all Canadians at some time through a family member, friend or colleague.
  • 1 Canadian in 5 will personally experience mental illness in their lifetime.
  • About 4,000 Canadians commit suicide each year, it represents 24% of all deaths among 15- 24 years old due to mental health.
  • 3.4 million Canadians are affected by major depression.
Once depression is recognized, help can make a difference for 80% of people who are affected, allowing them to get back to their regular activities.
Almost 49% of those who feel they have suffered from depression and anxiety have never gone to see a doctor.
  • The most common mental illnesses are anxiety and mood disorders in Canada and have been shown to have a major impact on the daily lives of those who are affected.
  • Your mental health is affected by numerous factors from your daily life, including the stress of balancing work, your health and relationships.
  • Everyone experiences periods of positive and negative mental health throughout the duration of their life. Some people live with mental health conditions like anxiety and mood disorders and experience periods of wellness and poor mental health.
  • 5 out of 10 leading causes of disability worldwide are mental disorders.

Types Of Mental Illnesses

Types of Mental Illnesses (1)